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How Customized NextGen EHR Templates Can Improve Clinician Workflows

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How will customizing NextGen templates actually help improve a clinician's workflow? Well, most EHR software platforms, including NextGen's are shipped with out of the box templates, which aren't specifically catered to clinician workflows entirely. However, the challenges presented with out of the box templates, is there limited functionality to the ever-evolving, unique and complex workflows of clinicians. While EHR software platforms do have some specialty-related templates, in most cases these specialty-related templates still needs some tweaking.

This is where customizing NextGen templates can be a huge benefit to clinicians and their entire practice. The benefit of having a NextGen EHR Template Developer customize your template set will drive efficiency at your practice. The first step is a workflow analysis of the current workflow to outline the problem the clinician is faced with. Developing an understanding of the needs of a clinician's workflow is the next vital step in the development process. After the requirements are gathered, the development process is typically the next step in the overall process.

What Does The Development Process Consist Of

We outlined in the previous section that gaining a in-depth understanding of a clinician's workflow, as well as the presenting problem is the first step in the development process. The next step in the development process is to consider your business requirements in development/customization of your NextGen EHR Templates.

The process in developing and customizing NextGen EHR Templates is streamlined once the requirements have been captured. The development team will then focus in on creating a user-experience that is not complex, but simple and geared towards optimization. The most overlooked process during the development phase is communicating with the end-users for feedback and testing; Make sure this doesn't get overlooked. Lastly, the development team will work with the clinical team for robust testing and implementation of user test reports to apply final updates before deployment.

Primary Benefits Of NextGen Template Customization

Some of the primary benefits of NextGen Template Customization are: increased clinical efficiencies, streamlined electronic documentation, standardization of data entry/capture and workflow consistency. Most importantly the clinicians receive time back in their day that was previously spent documenting into their EHR system.

As you can see customizing NextGen EHR Templates will decrease the time spent documenting into the EHR with optimized workflows, as it pertains to electronic documentation. Clinicians reaps benefits due to their patient documentation being consistently stored in the areas in that fall in line with their needs and desires. Medical and Dental practices should consider incorporating customized NextGen templates into their practices. Hire a NextGen EHR template developer to start seeing how customization will impact clinical efficiencies and drastically improve patient care!

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