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Digital Marketing Solutions For Local Kent, Renton & Tacoma Businesses

Driven by data, our team is motivated to achieve the desired business goals for your brand. We thrive on creating effective solutions and strategies, increasing your online presence across the digital marketing spectrum. The online world is competitive and businesses need an effective digital marketing strategy to increase your online presence.

From creating a digital footprint for your brand and directing targeted traffic to your website, to enhancing the user experience and turning clicks into customers. We provide effective digital marketing solutions that will assist in the growth of your business.

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How We Got Started

Way of Designs was established with one purpose: empower small and medium-sized businesses, the heart of local communities and the economy. Way of Designs was formed to help businesses navigate the tricky waters of growth by harnessing the power of digital marketing solutions. Realizing that a majority of small businesses fail, with 20% going belly up in their first year, 50% shutting up shop by the fifth year, we realized that there was something wrong that needed to be urgently addressed.

It turned out that the lack of an effective online presence, as well as marketing campaigns without effective and well-planned strategies were the primary reason small businesses were failing. We took action and set out on a mission to support businesses with their website branding and digital marketing strategies, as well as filling the gap for custom medical records template development.

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What We Believe

To us, each and every business – small or large – is unique and requires a personalized and smart strategy that aligns with their brand to appeal to their respective target audiences. Small to medium-sized businesses, in their quest, to scale not only need to have products and services that add value, but also need to maintain an effective online presence and successfully market themselves, digitally.

From an aesthetic website that provides a seamless customer success journey to furthering their brand’s visibility and appeal on search engines as well as social media, small businesses have their work cut out. We stand by our values of customer-centric, quality, cost-effectiveness, and continuous innovation, taking control of the digital side of the business, allowing you to focus on the other important aspects.

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